Cloud computing infrastructure provider GoGrid has revealed global expansion plans following a recent decision to build a data centre in Europe.

To date, the company only operates in the US, but its founder and CEO John Keagy is clearly interested in global opportunities for the firm.


He said: “As we continue aggressively pursuing our global expansion efforts as a result of our tremendous growth in 2010, we remain committed to providing the easiest and most robust cloud infrastructure services to our customers around the world.”

Mr Keagy added that the centre would help the San Francisco-based company meet the growing demand for cloud computing that was coming from outside of the US. GoGrid intends to offer European customers the ability to “create, manage and deploy robust cloud solutions”.

While the firm did not give details on where exactly in Europe the centre would be built, it stated it would be completed by the summer of this year. GoGrid also said it intends to open a data centre in Asia by the end of 2011, but did not give further details.

A recent study by Gartner Research found that the adoption of cloud computing was under way across Europe and predicted that its growth would accelerate significantly over the next 18 months.