Q How do you anticipate the Pearl River Delta, and Zhuhai specifically, will be affected by the global economic downturn? And how do you intend to offset any negative consequences of these economic challenges?

A The Pearl River Delta, including Zhuhai, will anticipate a drop in export and inbound FDI, and some enterprises will be going through a tough business period.


In the next four years, Zhuhai will fast-forward $30.4bn worth of infrastructure and industrial clustering projects with public and private funding, spend $65m annually to encourage corporate technology innovation and explore domestic and international markets, and help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain financing of $450m to $600m within three to five years.

Q Do you plan any shift in Zhuhai’s FDI strategy in the coming months and years to meet new global competitive pressures?

A Countries in Europe, the US and Japan will replace Hong Kong and Macau as preferred inbound FDI destinations, while targeted enterprises will shift from labour-intensive ones to those with high-added-value products, and from export-oriented processing trade companies to Chinese market-focused ones.

Q What can Zhuhai offer international investors? What are its competitive advantages and how can they best be maximised?

A Zhuhai is well connected with Macau and separated only by an immigration office. The €8bn ($10.3bn) Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to be built by the end of this year will tighten the link between Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. The Pearl River Delta, which Zhuhai relies on, has witnessed an annual growth rate of 13% in the past 30 years, nurtured a consumer market of more than $600bn in GDP and a world production centre equipped with fully fledged supporting industries.

Zhuhai also enjoys an excellent natural environment, rich land and good human capital resources. Business costs are very competitive, with labour cost 61% of that in Shanghai. Currently, more than 89,000 college students are studying in Zhuhai. There are three manufacturing industrial parks covering 150 square kilometres and one high-tech and service industrial park of 56 square kilometres, all built to high standards.

Q What are the main sectors and types of companies you are seeking to attract? And what special incentives does Zhuhai offer these targeted sectors?

A Zhuhai seeks to attract industries and sectors such as electronic information, bio-medicine and medical appliances, aviation, marine engineering equipment manufacture, petrochemicals, new energy, modern logistics and business leisure.

Special incentives for industries such as software and integrated circuit design, aviation, information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing; and yacht manufacturing are already in place. For example, for aviation manufacturers, local government offers subsidised factory floors and assistance in building supporting facilities. Foreign investors are provided offices free of charge for up to six months.



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