Spanish power utility Iberdrola has started construction on the 476 megawatt (MW) Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm project in the Baltic Sea, following approval from German authorities. 

Iberdrola expects that when the project to come online at the end of 2024, it will be able to supply clean energy to 475,000 homes and prevent the emission of 800,000 tonnes of carbon dixoide per year.


The Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm is part of the company’s 1100MW offshore wind complex project in the Baltic Sea, involving an investment of €3.5bn. 

The 1100MW offshore wind farm complex also includes the Wikinger and the Winkander wind parks. The 350MW Wikinger offshore wind farm came online in 2018, while the 300MW Winkander is expeted to be fully operational in 2026, according to the statement published by the company.

Iberdrola has invested in eight offshore wind farm projects since 2017, worth around $2.5bn, according to figures from foreign investment monitor fDi Markets. The company had 1260MW of installed capacity in offshore wind at the end of 2021, with another 1800MW under construction and 5400 MW in “advanced development”, according to the company’s figures.