Q What was the rationale behind the creation of Economic Zones World (EZW) and what are its key objectives? Are you happy with what has been achieved to date?

A After the enormous success of Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and its impressive debut successes overseas, our parent organisation, Dubai World, decided to channel its expertise and resources efficiently to grow globally, and it created EZW to achieve its aspirations.


EZW is a dedicated commercial entity that consolidates the group’s strengths in the area of development and management of free trade/ economic zones, logistics, industrial and technology parks to expand its operations globally.

EZW is mandated to create a network of commercially successful business, logistics and R&D-driven industrial parks in strategic trading hubs across the continents, and become a first choice location for businesses that want to expand globally.

I am quite happy with the progress made so far. EZW’s current portfolio includes more than a dozen free zone projects across Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

In the next five years, we expect to create a value-driven network of economic zones and logistics and industrial parks in the emerging markets around the world.

Q What do you see as the most significant recent trends regarding the way in which special economic zones (SEZs) are created, managed and promoted globally? What is expected in the future?

A SEZs are mostly created by the host country to attract foreign investment with the aim of accelerating industrial activities in the country and generating employment opportunities for its population. They enjoy a special exempt status in terms of taxes and other regulatory enforcements applicable to the rest of the state. Countries are now using the SEZ concept to promote specific industrial activity in their territories.

Q How is EZW responding to or driving these trends?

A EZW is one of the most successful free zone, logistics and R&D-driven industrial park developers and operators in the world. Through the huge success of its SEZs, EZW has reinforced the importance of these zones as drivers of economic development.

EZW uses its highly successful customer-centric Jafza Business Model to develop and operate free zone or industry-specific logistics or industrial parks in a number of locations around the world. Its huge success reinforces the efficacy of the SEZ concept. Zones developed and operated by EZW have successfully stimulated sustainable economic growth in the countries and the regions in which they operate. The growth is generated by FDI, the introduction of new technologies and capabilities transferred by foreign multinationals, and international networking into the zones.




2007 Economic Zones World/Jafza, CEO

2006 Business Women Awards for Leadership, Recipient

2005 Jebel Ali Free Zone, CEO