India has been the top recipient of investment in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector over the past four years cumulative, but it has slipped behind the US and UK for 2007, according to data compiled by OCO Consulting.

China’s position, from a project-number standpoint, declined considerably between 2005 and 2006, attracting only 56 ICT projects so far this year compared with 97 for the US, 96 for the UK and 85 for India.


However, it perhaps should be noted that China’s individual investments are often very large in terms of deal value and number of jobs created — as many of them are production-focused — while ICT investments into the US and UK, as well as into India, tend to be smaller, higher-value and more numerous.

OCO’s investment tracking also shows that the US remains the dominant source of outward investments in this sector, by some distance.

Top 20 Global ICT investment sources (2003-07)

Top 20 Global ICT investment destinations (2003-07)