In India, 88% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and 98% of middle-market enterprises (MMEs) surveyed by HSBC said the current economy is “very good” or “fairly good”. The outlook for the year is equally positive, with 88% of SMEs saying the economic situation would get even better, 12% saying it would stay the same and none saying it would worsen. For MMEs, the corresponding figures were 84%, 16% and 0%.

The Asia Pacific outlook for 2006 was the brightest of the three regions, with 30% of SMEs and 35% of MMEs regarding the current economy to be “very good” or “fairly good”. Forty-six per cent of SMEs and 41% of MMEs expected the situation to get even better by the end of the year.


The survey also gauged the level of international trading among SMEs and MMEs. In Asia Pacific, the SMEs that trade internationally range from 37% in Korea to 71% in Singapore. The figures are even higher among MMEs, ranging from 41% in Indonesia to incidences above 80% in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Taiwan.