With a growth of 35%, IT exports continued to hold the majority of the revenue share. The domestic market continued its three-year average growth rate of 27.2%.

Catalysed by the emerging domestic business process outsourcing market, IT-enabled services reported a growth of 48%. Domestic IT services reported a 30% growth. The packaged software industry witnessed a 19% rise.


The top 20 IT players recorded the highest growth rate in the millennium by recording a 44.3% growth rate. With the top three players, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Wipro, bagging several large deals and expanding their consultancy business, the top 20 companies accounted for almost 77% of the total software services exports.

Identifying the growth in the demand for high-end technology products, the survey showed that laser multi functional devices grew 69%. Liquid crystal display monitor sales increased 153% in contrast to the sale of traditional cathode ray monitors, which reported a decline. Digital cameras also reported a robust growth of 112% to reach sales of nearly half a million.

The training sector also recorded a significant growth, as demand for training within corporations in India and overseas grew.

Internet penetration in the country continued to rise as the number of users (aged 15 years and above) in the country touched 23 million during the year, with 9 million internet connections, including 2.6 million broadband connections, according to Dataquest.