According to greenfield FDI monitor fDi Markets, automotive OEM FDI into China experienced a period of growth between 2012 and 2014. In this period, a total of 61 projects were recorded in the sector, with 77,552 jobs created by 31 investing companies. In 2012, 13 FDI projects were recorded with 24,070 jobs created by 11 investing companies.

Total capital expenditure for this year stood at $9.41bn. During 2013, a total of 18 investment projects were recorded, with 18,618 jobs created by 16 investing companies. There was a 22.65% drop in the number of jobs created between 2012 and 2013, but the number of investment projects increased by 38.46% and the number of companies investing also increased by 45.46%. The total capital expenditure in this sector also decreased in 2013, with a 2.82% drop to $9.15bn.


In 2014, 16 companies invested in the Chinese automotive OEM sector, creating 34,864 jobs with a total of 30 investment projects. These figures represent a 87.26% increase in jobs created and a 66.66% increase in projects, compared with 2013 investment levels. The total capital expenditure also increased significantly in 2014, when compared with 2013, with $15.51bn invested representing a 69.58% rise. When the 2014 investment figures are compared with 2012, the number of projects increased by 130.77%, the number of jobs created increased by 44.84% and the number of companies investing increased by 45.45%.