According to Invest in France Agency (AFII), in 2004, foreign investments in France created or maintained 33,247 jobs, a one-year gain of 8% and a 30% increase over two years.

As in previous years, the US contributed the largest share of foreign investment, accounting for nearly 28% of jobs created or maintained. Germany came second, as in 2003, with 16.3%. Sweden ranked third this year, with 13.6% of all jobs created or maintained, most of which were in the Securitas project.


European investors accounted for 58% of the jobs generated by international investments in France. Also noteworthy was the increase in Chinese investment (mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong combined), which allowed 819 jobs to be created or maintained in 2004, a substantial rise over the 169 recorded in 2003.

The largest share of foreign investment went to the transport, warehousing, and construction/civil engineering sectors. A total of 6026 jobs were created or maintained in these sectors, considerably more than in 2003.

The automotive sector is also a prime investment area, though the 3057 jobs created or maintained in 2004 represented a decline from 2003, when there were a number of major acquisitions.

Electrical and electronic equipment, another important sector for investment, chalked up strong growth in jobs, with 2755 created or maintained.