What is Dubai planning to do to enhance its FDI competitiveness?

Given the importance that FDI has on our economy, we are developing innovative policies to not only stimulate FDI in Dubai but also to ensure that our strategies are sustainable.


We have established an office dedicated to FDI, and a key objective is to develop closer co-operation with key international investment partners. Our FDI office will monitor, evaluate and deploy systems and initiatives to ensure competitiveness.

What has made Dubai successful in attracting FDI?

Dubai is privileged to have the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice-president and prime minister and of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. Through his vision, we have actively promoted, supported and endorsed FDI, making the country more appealing to investors. We have developed economic zones across Dubai using the ‘cluster model’, making it favourable for investors and have supported this by building world-class infrastructure.

Dubai is also strategically located, giving it added appeal. The country has a strong history as a viable trading hub because of its location, and many foreign investors see this as a big opportunity for growth and expansion. We've also created a very business-friendly environment, which is another attraction for investors.

How significant is FDI to Dubai?

FDI brings with it a range of economic and social benefits, and for Dubai this has been integral to our development. We have spent the past 15 years focusing on developing the emirate and are now proud to be in a position where we can compete on a global scale.

The increase in FDI has had both direct and indirect benefits. Foreign investors bring more than just money into our economy. They bring knowledge and create jobs which can then be filled by local talent including our own graduates. They assist in improving infrastructure such as technology and communications, and as a result, we benefit from the creation of higher standards of living for all.

What can other locations learn from Dubai’s success in attracting FDI?

We have invested a lot of time in researching and understanding our investors. Why? Because in order to develop long-term strategies for growth in this area, we need to understand what their objectives and expectations are. By understanding this, we are able to provide a high-quality service, not just in attracting investors but also to ensure they experience growth and success here.

We have developed a very investor-friendly attitude because we understand that location is not enough. Dubai, as an emirate, is constantly striving to achieve excellence, and this pursuit of excellence means that we never stop trying to outdo ourselves.

We have done our homework and are now relishing from the opportunities we have created for foreign investors. We welcome all investors to consider Dubai as a potential place to invest and aim to be a key location for companies seeking to establish or expand their business abroad.

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