Jalisco is Mexico’s leading state in advanced electronics manufacture, microelectronics design, software development and embedded software.

It has a dynamic, diversified economy and a high-tech sector that maintains international competitiveness with 34 international design centres for semiconductors, telecommunications, automotive electronics and the aerospace industry. Jalisco has also become an exemplar of the profound drive towards innovation and value-added activities characteristic of modern knowledge-based societies.


The focus for the Jalisco region is no longer low-cost labour, but the ability to design and generate value-added products and services with strong technical skills at internationally competitive costs.

The main source of our talent pool is technical schools and universities with solid backgrounds in mechanical design, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, embedded software and the support of the Semiconductors Technology Centre, of the Advanced Research Centre (CINVESTAV) of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico’s premier research and postgraduate studies institution.


One key strength of Guadalajara, the state capital, is that it has great success in the automotive and electronics industries, it has a large supply of young, skilled engineers in the most needed engineering disciplines, from DO178B software engineering and testing skills to the science disciplines such structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics and thermal analysis.

Also, Jalisco’s other strengths lie in customised instrumentation for the electronics, aerospace and power industries, with special emphasis on optics and optomechanical design; producing holographic cameras, high-speed data-logging, 3-D velocimetry systems for turbomachinery, interferometers and sophisticated pattern-recognition and defect detection software.

Current work in Jalisco includes a leading-edge ground control system for unmanned aerial vehicles combined with an integrated geographical information system, all in 3-D.

We invite you to be part of Jalisco’s industry, where companies have decided to establish operations due to our strategic location, diversified economy, specialised sectors, quality of life, education standards, government support, industrial support services and extensive supplier base.



• Guadalajara, Jalisco’s capital, is the second largest city in Mexico.

• A stable labour market in a diverse and growing economy.

• Excellent infrastructure.

• Outstanding university system with strong technical programmes.

• Recognised as Latin America’s ‘silicon valley’.

• Exporting successfully to all the nations with which we have free trade agreements: Japan, Brazil, the US, the EU, etc...

For further information, contact Secretary of Economic Promotion Guillermo Martinez Mora on 52 (33) 36-78-2000 or at guillermo.martinez@jalisco.gob.mx

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