Kazakhstan's performance in attracting FDI improved during 2013, with the number of projects in the country increasing by 33% compared with 2012, according to greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets.

During 2013, 28 foreign investment projects were recorded in Kazakhstan, compared with 21 in 2012. The number of companies investing in the central Asian country also grew, with 25 firms making investments, in a range of sectors, including law firms, recruitment specialists, regional banks and IT companies. The improvement in FDI follows recent efforts by the country's government to raise awareness of the benefits the country can bring to overseas investors.


Capital expenditure increased by 48% to $1.36bn in 2013. The increase was largely owing to a small number of high-value projects, notably in the tourism and renewable energy sectors. Average capital expenditure experienced only a slight increase in 2013, from $43.8m to $48.6m. Average job creation figures decreased from 167 to 115 permanent positions per project.