The levels of FDI into Kuwait have decreased markedly since 2008, according to data provided by fDi Markets.Subsequent years have seen consistent decreases in terms of project numbers, levels of capital investment and the number of jobs created, as the country seems to have fallen victim to the global economic downturn.

In terms of inward FDI, 2008 was a peak year for Kuwait with 16 investments made, more than $2bn invested and almost 3000 jobs created. In 2009, the number of FDI projects into Kuwait fell to 13. More striking, however, were the decreases in the levels of capital investment, which fell by 60% to $847m, and jobs created, which fell by more than 70% to 868. The trend continued in 2010, with fewer projects, 42% less capital investment and 34% fewer jobs created than in the previous year.


FDI into Kuwait continued to decrease in 2011, with 11 investments made, compared with 12 in 2010. Again, despite the small decrease in the number of projects, the levels of capital investment and the number of jobs created decreased significantly. In 2011, $176m was invested into Kuwait, 64% less than the $495m invested in 2010. The number of jobs created through FDI into the country in 2011 was 239, a decrease of 58% from the 572 created in 2010.