Despite recent economic and social issues occurring in the country, there has been an increased level of FDI into the United Arab Emirates and the country’s minister for foreign trade, Sheikha Lubna, expects to see a jump in FDI for the rest of 2011.

She stipulates that the UAE is still a key investment destination, particularly for Latin American companies.


Data from fDiMarkets shows a steady increase in FDI into the UAE originating from Latin America. In 2003 there was only one such FDI project, compared to six projects in 2010.

Alongside this, Brazilian minister for development, industry and foreign trade, Alessandro Teixeira, recently met with Minister Sheikha Lubna to discuss bilateral trade between the two countries. Lubna identifies Brazil as a key investor in the area, namely using it as a base for re-exporting and servicing the Middle East region.