Sviluppo Lazio, Lazio’s regional development agency, was created in 1999 as a tool to implement the region’s economic and territorial programme. Today, it is a fully fledged player in the region’s social and economic progress.

Sviluppo Lazio’s commitment takes concrete shape through various forms of intervention: supporting business culture, supporting territorial development programmes and taking part in infrastructure investment projects, including the promotion of partnerships between public and private sectors.


During the past eight years, it has contributed to the region’s extraordinary socioeconomic growth – a contribution also made through studies, research and analysis on the territory and its productive fabric, providing remarkably effective support to the region itself and to other players active in development.

Sviluppo Lazio carries out the implementation of the European Structural Funds Objective 2 (the EU Single Programming Documents Financial Instrument 2000/06), which provides business incentives and therefore supports Lazio’s development and equitable economic growth, as well as boosting investments and global partnerships.

Territorial marketing

Sviluppo Lazio’s territorial marketing programme has four major objectives, which are:

  • to be the interface between the local public and private subjects of the territory in order to facilitate the identification and analysis of investment opportunities in Lazio;
  • to promote and commercialise investment opportunities;
  • to assist and support investors during each phase of the development of a business idea, as well as during settlement and aftercare;
  • to suggest and develop new investment opportunities and investment instruments for Lazio.


The programme illustrates the potential of business opportunities in Lazio with the aim of identifying the specific needs of investors and their partners, and making better matches between demand and supply. It also promotes public-private partnerships by reducing bureaucracy and other public administration obstacles that could cause delays and increase costs.

Through the territorial marketing programme, FDI inflows increased and numerous opportunities for investors were identified that will allow them to set up, expand and consolidate their businesses.

Attractive hub


Lazio, which is best known for the historic city of Rome, is ranked high on the list of sought-after locations among international corporate investors. The key elements that contribute to the region’s attractiveness are its geographical position, its people and its cultural heritage, which dates back more than 2000 years. Lazio has managed to balance contemporary business mentality with traditional values and offers a strong business environment.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean trade corridor, Lazio is set to become a major national and international logistics hub, boasting one of Italy’s most extensive multimodal transportation platforms by air, road, water and rail. Thanks to the expansion of Civitavecchia (Lazio’s principal seaport) and the opening of a Cargo City in Fiumicino (Lazio’s main international airport), travellers are able to make vital connections and businesses are able to grow steadily.

Almost 600 multinational companies have chosen Lazio, mainly because of the following factors: its proximity to central European and Mediterranean markets; its highly skilled workforce; its fast and reliable access to local suppliers (continuously more competitive by developing their products and services in terms of quality and price); and the highest concentration in Italy of universities, public and private institutions and research centres.

Compared with the national average, Lazio has also shown higher economic growth in the period 2000/05 (8.5% compared with 3.2% shown by Italy), more employment (58.5% against 57.5% in 2004; 58.4% against 57.5% in 2005; 59.5% against 58.4% in 2006); and an impressive increase in tourism, with figures going upward in 2006 (12 million tourists in 2006, accounting for a 9.4% increase compared with 2005 figures).

Lazio is ranked as one of the top five EU innovative regions, known internationally for its high-calibre research institutes and attractiveness for the best minds, ideas and businesses.


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