More than 200 US and Canadian companies operating in the Lazio region represent a major driving force for the development of the whole area. They account for about 33% of the region’s direct foreign productive investments and operate mostly in the information and communications technology (ICT), telecommunications, service-producing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In the light of such figures and the strategic importance of the sectors, and thanks to technical assistance from Sviluppo Lazio, the regional development agency that carries out the EU SPD territorial marketing programme, promoting investment opportunities in the Objective 2 areas of the region, the Lazio region is closely watching both the existing US and Canadian investments and ongoing changes on international markets so that it can present itself as an especially attractive place for further investments.


Trend watcher

Lazio is keeping abreast of current trends on FDI markets, partly through targeted research; in particular, special attention is being paid to the gradual emergence on the international market of new substantial investments from the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), whose importance can no longer be ignored.

The North American market will continue to serve as the main reference for a significant part of both the territorial marketing project and its planning because of the historical ties and links of friendship between Lazio and the US and Canada, as well as the remarkable added value created in the region by their investments. But there are a number of aspects that are now considered to be crucial by both the regional government and Sviluppo Lazio: the common propensity for research and development and for innovation; the opportunity to combine the respective public resources effectively, thus creating an industrial system that would cover all production stages, from project ideas to patents and business start-ups; a permanent dialogue with the best known universities and research centres; and regular, direct contacts with the major businesses that are already present in the area.

Multinationals multiply

About 600 multinationals are based in Lazio, attracted by a highly specialised workforce (especially in the IT and pharmaceutical sectors), the proximity to relevant markets (central Europe and the Mediterranean) and one of Italy’s most developed logistics systems. And the number of foreign companies that have established themselves in the region has almost doubled since 2000, resulting in positive repercussions on development and employment.

Mutual understanding and dialogue, and the search for common solutions that – although adopted locally – will have a global impact are some of the challenges that the regional government and Sviluppo Lazio have taken up and brought to the table where the US and Canadian ‘component’ is especially relevant. The region of Lazio aims not only to help businesses to get established there, but also to cater for any subsequent needs they may have, being well aware of the importance of a common growth.

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