1. Verizon, formerly known as Compania Dominicana de Telefonos (CODETEL): the main telephone service provider, which has operated in the Dominican Republic for more than 70 years.




  2. Central Romana Corporation (US): a diversified operation that includes a hotel, sugar plantations, a mill and real estate businesses, among other activities.



  3. E. Leon Jimenes, C. por A. (a local partner of Phillip Morris, of the U.S.): produces cigarettes, cigars and beer.



  4. Falconbridge Dominicana (Canada): produces ferro-nickel for mining export in the Dominican Republic.



  5. Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands/England): shares ownership with the Dominican government of the only petroleum refinery in the country (50% each) and is a distributor of petroleum by-products.



  6. Citibank (US): the bank has operated in the Dominican Republic for many years.



  7. Esso Standard Oil (US): a long-time distributor of petroleum by-products.



  8. Texaco Caribbean (US): another long-time distributor of petroleum by-products.



  9. Colgate Palmolive, Inc. (US): a leading manufacturer in the Dominican Republic of soaps and toothpaste.



  10. Bank of Nova Scotia (Canada): one of the oldest foreign commercial banks in the Dominican Republic.



  11. AES (US): through local subsidiaries, operates the electricity distribution network in the eastern half of the country, as well as electricity generation plants. The Trust Company of the West (US) is an equity partner with AES in EDESTE.



  12. Prisma Energy (US): in partnership with other companies, operates an electricity generating plant in Puerto Plata. (Formerly known as Smith-Enron)



  13. Coastal (US): a major investor in electricity generation.



  14. Seaboard (US): also a major investor in electricity generation.



  15. Tricom (40% owned by Motorola – US): second-largest provider of long distance and cellular telephone services in the Dominican Republic. (Citigroup owns a sizable share of Tricom’s debt.)



  16. Cogentrix (US): an independent power producer with 300 MW capacity.


Note: the Central Bank has not updated its published FDI statistics since 2003. Marriot Corporation entered the Dominican hotel market in 2004 but is not reflected in the Central Bank’s figures.