The province of Manisa is located in Western Anatolia, Turkey. Throughout the ages, its main city has been an important agricultural, industrial and trade centre. Its history dates back to 3000BC and traces of Hittite, Frig, Lydia, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish States and Ottoman civilisations can be found in the city. This rich history makes Manisa an attractive and interesting holiday centre with its impressive cultural heritage and natural beauty catering for different tourist tastes.

Manisa is at the centre of the Aegean region, where agriculture, business and tourism can all be found. It is the region’s second largest province, with a total area of 13,810 square kilometres, and is also Turkey’s 12th most populous city, with 1.2 million inhabitants.


Manisa ranks third for agricultural production in the country, providing 30% of tobacco, 76% of sultanas and 18% of the cotton supplies in Turkey.

In addition to the key role of agriculture in the local economy, Manisa has taken the step of establishing a series of organised industrial zones (OIZs) and thus has managed to stabilise its position in the new world of open competition and globalisation.

Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Organized Industrial Zone (MCCI OIZ) has been active since 1968. It has played a key role in the transformation of the regional economy, bringing in its wake a rise in employment and in value added. It also won the title of fDi’s European City of the Future 2004-2005 for being one of Europe’s most cost-effective cities.

Access to markets

MCCI OIZ is an attractive destination for investors interested in setting up a manufacturing base or distribution centre in Turkey that want to access both the domestic market and surrounding regions. For tens of thousands of years, the land around Manisa has been influential and productive in both industry and trade. Today, Manisa is still an influential and productive bridge between north, south, east and west.

MCCI OIZ uses a planned development model to fulfil the requirements for Turkey’s economy in integrate with that of the rest of the world. The zone is one of the most popular OIZs, thanks to the size of its industrial facilities, its infrastructure, the support services provided to industrialists and its environmental policies.

The zone has a total area of 5 million square metres and its fourth and fifth phases (which are under construction) are 3.7 million square metres and 800,000 square metres respectively. In the near future, the zone will cover a total area of nearly 9.6 million square metres. It is home to 136 companies, and this number will increase more than twofold within three years.

Other aspects that make the zone an ideal location for foreign and other potential investors are:

  • Its proximity (60km) to the new Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, with regularly scheduled flights to destinations throughout the world.
  • Its proximity to Izmir Port (45km), a modern, world-class facility that generates 50% of Turkey’s exports.
  • Its location on the Izmir-Bursa-Istanbul highway.
  • Its proximity to Izmir (31km), the country’s third largest city with a population of 3.5 million and its second largest commercial hub.
  • Its proximity to western Turkey’s many tourist attractions.
  • The availability of a skilled, trainable and plentiful labour force, as well as competitive labour costs.
  • The opportunity to cooperate with the university and affiliated faculties, vocational schools, occupational training centres, public and private hospitals, small industrial sites and chambers of commerce.
  • Its temperate climate.
  • Its location in an important market area.
  • Its developed industrial service sector.
  • The comprehensive services it offers, including a natural gas co-generation power plant (85MW); wastewater treatment plant (21,500 cubic metres a day capacity); natural gas distribution; hot water and steam system; drinking water supply; wastewater and rainwater collection and disposal; electricity distribution; lighting; social facilities and services; and infrastructure facilities.
  • Being home to one of three major laboratories of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).
  • Its ongoing project to connect the zone and the foundation of a logistics centre by rail.

Moreover, MCCI OIZ is the only OIZ in the country to be awarded simultaneously with three management standards – ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management. This achievement is proof of the zone administration’s commitment to maintaining the best possible work environment for its employees, and to providing the highest quality standards for companies in the zone.

New investment sectors

Two of the zone’s five areas are open for new investors and priority sectors are electronics, food, glass, plastic, metals, textile, automotive, packaging and white goods.

The export volume of MCCI OIZ was $2.5bn in 2003 and $3bn in 2004, accounting for almost 5% of Turkey’s total.

Due to the substantial increase in land application to invest in MCCI OIZ , it is planning to built a ‘Technopark’ within the zone area. This project will cater for the science and technology; biotechnology; and information and communication technology sectors.

Some of the well-known multinationals companies operating in the zone are: Indesit Company (Italy), Bosch (Germany), Rexam (England), ECM (Spain), Imperial Tobacco (England) and Hayes Lemmerz Jantas (US).

Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Organised Industrial Zone’s administrative approach is designed to serve contemporary directors and industrialists to the standards of developed countries. Its domestic and international industrialists are accommodated at the highest level; and through its future projects, MCCI OIZ will continue to create the best investment conditions.



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