According to foreign direct investment monitor, fDi Markets, total manufacturing FDI into Vietnam increased during the fourth quarter of 2015. A total of 21 FDI manufacturing projects were recorded between October and December 2015, creating 15,840 jobs by 19 investing companies.

In October 2015, a total of four manufacturing investment projects were recorded by four investing companies, creating 1635 jobs. During November 2015, five investing companies created 7088 jobs in seven investment projects. This represents a 75% increase in projects recorded, a 25% increase in the number of companies investing and a 334% rise in the number of jobs created, compared with October 2015 figures. The total capex also increased by 40% to $162m for November 2015.


During December 2015, a total of 10 investment projects were recorded, creating 7117 jobs by 10 investing companies. These figures represent increases of 43% and 150% in the number of projects recorded, respectively, when compared with November and October 2015. The number of jobs created increased by 335% and 329%, respectively, during December when compared with October and November. The number of investors also represented an increase in December in comparison with November and October, by 100% and 150%, respectively.

The top three industry sectors during the three-month period in the last quarter of 2015 were electronic components, textiles and food and tobacco. The leading source country for investment was South Korea, with five projects, followed by China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States, with three projects each.