According to data from greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, Denmark recorded 29 projects in 2011, down from the 32 recorded in 2010. This contrasted with growth seen elsewhere in Scandinavia. Sweden recorded 65 projects in 2011, six more than in 2010, and Norway recorded 28 projects, one more than the previous year. This marked the end of a two-year period of year-on-year decline in project numbers for the two countries.

Denmark has been the second most popular country for FDI in Scandinavia since fDi Markets began recording data in 2003. It has received 496 projects since 2003, compared to Sweden's 732 and Norway's 224. The most common FDI sectors for Scandinavia since 2003 have been software and IT services, business services, and financial services, which have recorded 279, 151 and 126 projects, respectively. These were the top three sectors in the region in 2011.