The US experienced a decline in FDI project numbers in September 2012 compared to the previous month, but capital expenditure increased in the period, according to data from greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets. In September, fDi Markets recorded a total of 107 projects in the US, compared with 147 the month before. But capital expenditure, which stood at $1.56bn in August, increased to $2.61bn in September.

In August 2012, an average of $52m was invested per FDI project in the US. In September 2012, the average had increased to $113.8m, which represents an increase of 119% in average capital expenditure. The average number of jobs created per project declined over the period, however. On average, 128 new jobs were created per project in August 2012. This declined to 86 in September 2012.


California was the most popular destination state by project numbers in both months, attracting 31 projects in August and 14 projects in September. The UK was the top source country by project numbers in both months, recording 30 projects in August and 16 projects in September. Mexico was the top source country by capital expenditure in August 2012, having invested an aggregate $550m. In September 2012, South Korea was the top source country by capital expenditure, having invested an aggregate $1.8bn.