Moscow comes out as the top city for life sciences projects in a benchmarking exercise carried out by fDi, beating out traditional life sciences hotspots such as Tokyo, Boston, London and Shanghai. The US is the most attractive country.

When a formula that takes into consideration both cost and quality factors is applied, with cost weighting 20% and quality 80%, the US is far ahead of India, which ranked second among the countries. If quality is the only measurement, the gap between the US and other leading countries gets larger still.


China fared particularly well in both measurements, beating out India for the second spot when only quality is considered. Interestingly, the country is ranked higher in quality over developed Western life science powerhouses such as Switzerland and Germany.

On a city basis, however, the US only had one city in the top 10 (Boston), both in terms of quality and a combination of quality and cost.

China had two cities, Shanghai and Beijing, in the top 10, and four cities in the top 20 both when purely based on quality and when based on a combination of cost and quality.

The rankings were compiled using fDi Benchmark, an online subscription database which benchmarks cost and quality competitiveness for investment locations.

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