Motorola is expected to invest about $60m over the next two years to establish the full operational capabilities for the SCCT, which involves creating new functions as well as expanding the scope of existing activities. It will employ about 200 people in Singapore by the end of 2007. In addition, Motorola will further enhance its manufacturing capabilities to include products across the core technologies of GSM, 3G and CDMA.

Asia-Pacific plays a key role in Motorola’s global research and development and manufacturing network with the presence of 37 R&D facilities and four manufacturing sites in the region. The establishment of the global SCCT in Singapore will enable Motorola to create and drive operational efficiencies in SCM and manufacturing globally, the company said.


Singapore is already home to many of Motorola’s key global manufacturing and supply chain management functions. They include global purchasing, quality and logistics management. These functions will be expanded to support all businesses globally.

Motorola manages more than $10bn-worth of activities annually in its supply chain activities, which include manufacturing and distribution operations, and the International Trading Centre, which handles Motorola’s global third-party component procurement activities.