The fDi Masterclass video series is sponsored by TMF Group but independently edited.

Navigating the current economic and geopolitical landscape has become a challenge for foreign investors. With globalisation in retreat, they are walking a fine line between success and failure. Mounting barriers and red tape have put regulatory compliance in the spotlight as one of the pivotal factors that can tilt the balance either way.


In discussion:

The mounting wave of compliance risks: The growing compliance risks for cross-border trade and investment stemming from the Ukraine war geopolitical tensions and insights into the firm’s latest Global Business Complexity Index ranking. 
ESG regulations: The dawn of ESG regulation and what it means for businesses in international trade and investment.
The phase-out of Covid-19 business support measures: As governments the world over phase out the business support packages they introduced to weather the Covid-19 pandemic, the compliance challenges this transition brings along are discussed.
Chasing opportunities across borders: The opportunities for investors interested in doing business across borders as geopolitical fragmentation, as well as fiscal reforms and digitisation take hold.

In conversation with:

  • Jacopo Dettoni, editor, fDi Intelligence
  • Mark Weil, CEO, TMF Group