North America is the global leader when it comes to landing aerospace investments, with the US the most popular destination for greenfield projects in the sector over the past five years and Mexico ranked third. Canada is also a top 10 destination for number of projects attracted.

This is according to data from fDi Markets, a greenfield crossborder investment tracking service affiliated with fDi Magazine. Between January 2009 and March 2015, a total of 841 FDI aerospace projects were recorded by fDi Markets. These projects represent an estimated capital investment of $42bn with an average investment of $50m per project. The largest number of projects was announced in 2012, with 151 projects that year, and capital investment peaked in 2010.


Mexico is the highest ranked developing country in the fDi league tables, edging out China and India by one project (60 versus 59). The Mexican state of Querétaro is ranked fifth globally among states and Chihuahua 11th. Meanwhile, Querétaro city is fourth and Chihuahua sixth on the city lists. 

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