• Turkey is privatising the ports of Bandirma and Samsun.
  • Albania is planning to privatise the distribution branch of its power utility company and its oil refinery plant in the context of the latest round of privatisations this year.
  • Pending ratification by its parliament, Bosnia-Herzegovina has decided to proceed with the sale of BH Telecom, in which it owns a 90% stake, and expects the process to be completed by the end of 2008. The government has cancelled or postponed indefinitely the sale of other assets slated earlier for privatisation.
  • Montenegro has posted several privatisation opportunities in tourism and hotel properties.
  • Serbia is proceeding with the sale of various state-owned enterprises through auctions scheduled for April 2008.
  • Russia has extended the deadline for offers for the sale of the government’s stake in RAO Unified Energy System to April 7, 2008.
  • Ukraine is planning to sell its shares in four thermal power generation companies slated for privatisation this year.