Outward FDI from Canada experienced a 17% decrease in terms of project numbers in 2012, but the province of Quebec experienced a significant 25% increase in its outward investments. In 2012, Quebec recorded 91 outbound FDI projects, an increase from 73 in 2011. This made Quebec the fastest growing state/province in North America in 2012 in terms of outward FDI.

Quebec's total capital expenditure in outbound FDI decreased from $3.35bn in 2011 to $2.55bn in 2012. Total jobs created as a result of outbound FDI increased by nearly 400 to 13,999 in 2012, but the average number of jobs created per project decreased from 186 in 2011 to 153 in 2012. The year also recorded a 25% increase in the number of Quebec-based companies making outbound FDI investments, with 59 companies making such investments in 2012.


There was growth in outward investment from Quebec to both Mexico and France, with increases in project numbers of four and eight, respectively. This included the creation of 1500 new jobs by Quebec-based Bombardier Recreation Products at an auto component manufacturing plant in Mexico.