Turkey is a young, dynamic, forward-thinking country, located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It plays an increasingly important role in world political, social and economic affairs, and has one of the most liberal foreign investment regimes in the world.

The Aegean Free Zone is Turkey’s foremost modern industrial park. It is located in Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city, an energetic city on the southern Aegean Sea. It is less than an hour south of Istanbul, three hours from London and Paris by air. It is a beautiful, modern city with palm-lined promenades, European-style boulevards, fine hotels and an exceptionally mild climate. Izmir is a wonderful place to enjoy life. Circling the city are the fabled ancient ruins of Ephesus, Pergamon, and Troy, once leading cities of “the cradle of civilisation”. It has spectacular and unspoiled beaches and resorts on the Aegean coast.


The Aegean Free Zone is home to 360 companies and generates more than $3bn annually in international trade. Companies lease ready-to-use factory buildings or build their own facilities on leased infrastructure-ready sites. The zone generates more FDI than any other free zone in Turkey and employs more than 12,500 workers. It is 10 minutes from the Adnan Menderes International Airport, 20 minutes from the Port of Izmir and 45 minutes from the Ro-Ro Terminal.

The Aegean Free Zone is home to some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Hugo Boss, Delphi Packard, Delphi Diesel, Eldor Electronics, United Technologies, Pulse Electronics, Enercon Aero, Safe Spice, Akzo Nobel, Volvo and Pfw.

Menu of services

The zone is developed and operated by ESBAS (The Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Company), which is majority owned by private US firm EAC International. ESBAS provides a comprehensive menu of primary services, starting with the basic utilities – electricity, water, telecommunications, natural gas and garbage collection – reliably provided at highly competitive rates.

The zone also offers a selection of supplementary services, including: loading, unloading, equipment rental, stock control, construction, repair and maintenance, customs brokerage, invoicing and port related services, and human resources.

In addition to its basic features, a remarkable list of unique enhancements makes life in the Aegean Free Zone exceptionally rewarding:

  • The ESBAS technology centre with a 250-seat conference centre, seminar rooms, showroom, simultaneous translation, multi-media and teleconferencing capabilities.


  • The ESBAS concert & sports hall is part of an 8900m2 complex, with indoor and outdoor venues for musical events, volleyball and basketball.


  • The child care centre has a permanent staff of professionals and 16 classrooms built to accommodate 240 children, aged from 45 days to six years.


  • The medical/dental clinic has an on-staff physician, internist and dentist, plus two nurses. It is open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm.


  • Space Camp Turkey is the fifth such camp in the world and the only one in the Middle East and southern European region. Simulators, rocket building and a space mission are used to excite campers about mathematics and science, and build leadership, self-esteem and team-working skills.


  • ESBAS organises business development days to bring business people, government officials and diplomats from all over the world together. These have been organised since the year 2001. In 2005, worldwide business meetings will be staged to develop business relations (see box for the programme).

ESBAS – the most modern industrial park of Turkey – looks forward to hosting business people and welcomes FDI.



Worldwide business meetings 2005


1. Total quality days February 17-18

2. China business culture day April 1

3. III. Offset April 7-8

4. World Free Zone Conference April 21-22

5. II. International SME days May 26-27

6. World Development Agencies Conference

September 29-30

7. III. Technology/innovation days October 20-21

8. Venture capital December 1-2