In part one of the sixth episode exploring the entrepreneurial landscape of UK cities, co-hosts Alex Irwin-Hunt and Yessi Bello Perez travel remotely to Belfast.

Joining the show are two guests born in Northern Ireland, who discuss why they both returned home after years of diverse work experience abroad in multinationals, venture capital and start-ups.


Jayne Brady, who is the digital innovation commissioner at Belfast City Council, discusses how policy and major development projects are aiming to push the ecosystem to the next level. Henry Joseph-Grant, who is a serial entrepreneur and start-up mentor, gives a candid perspective on Belfast’s pros and cons, and why he believes it’s now a good place to start and grow a business.

Listeners can expect an open discussion of Belfast's critical mass in the cyber security and services sectors, the issue of ‘brain drain’, how start-ups are being used to heal the wounds of the Troubles, and much, much more.