Shanghai is the best city in the world for locating transport technology projects, according to an fDibenchmarking study.

When a formula that takes into consideration both cost and quality factors is applied, with cost weighting 20% and quality 80%, the top five locations are Shanghai, Moscow, Singapore, Beijing and Bangalore. If quality is the only measurement, the top four remain the same but Paris replaces Bangalore to break in at number five.


At country level, the US comes out streets ahead of competitors in both the 100% quality and 80/20 indices. China is in second place on both. Germany comes third when the issue is quality, and fifth when quality and costs are taken into account.

On a city basis, however, the US has no particular city represented in the top 20 of either index, suggesting its transport technology areas of strength are scattered around the country. China had three cities – Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin – in the top 15 of both city indices.

The rankings were compiled using fDiBenchmark, an online subscription database which benchmarks cost and quality competitiveness for investment locations.

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