fDi Markets has shown that software and IT has been the leading FDI sector entering the Canadian market between January 2003 and September 2011. Previously, 2005 had seen the most software and IT related projects entering Canada, with a total of 40 projects, however, already in 2011, Canada has attracted 43 software and IT projects, making this the most successful year.

The software and IT sector has also been the most productive in terms of jobs created in the Canadian market. Data supplied by fDi Markets shows that the sector has been responsible for the creation of 29,884 jobs since January 2003. 2009 was the most successful year for job creation in the software and IT industry with 5095 jobs being created by FDI projects in the sector. However, the consumer products sector has been challenging software and IT in recent years, with regards to jobs created and this trend looks set to continue in 2011, with the most jobs created so far this year in this sector.