“Arizona offers great flying weather and a competitive business climate for aerospace companies. There is a cluster of top aerospace companies located here that serves as a supply base and provides synergies on business issues. An important factor is that aerospace has been and continues to be a focus industry of the Arizona Department of Commerce. Governor Janet Napolitano is also providing further emphasis to this industry with the creation of the Aerospace and Defense Commission.”

Edward H. Koopman,


General Manager, The Boeing Company, Mesa

Chairman, Aerospace and Defense Commission

The Boeing Company in Mesa, Arizona, builds the AH-64D Apache Longbow. The site also produces components and electrical assemblies for Boeing’s military and commercial aircraft. Rotorcraft Phantom Works, an advanced research and development unit on site, is developing a new generation of products, including the Canard Rotor/Wing, A160 Hummingbird and Unmanned Little Bird. Boeing in Mesa received the 2005 Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing, North America’s premiere manufacturing award recognising world-class lean manufacturing practices.

“The State of Arizona provides a wonderful thriving business climate for today’s aerospace industry. It is primarily for this reason that CDI-Business Solutions has located its Aerospace headquarters in Phoenix. The low cost of living and beautiful landscapes of Arizona allow CDI-Aerospace to attract potential employees and clients with ease. We look forward to years of continued growth and innovation in Arizona.”

Dan Stierman, Technical Marketing, CDI-Aerospace

CDI-Aerospace provides a full range of consultative, design, engineering, outsourcing and staffing solutions to the commercial / military aerospace and satellite industries.

“If you look at Phoenix, the area has really grown in aerospace over the last 20 years. Where are they coming from? They are coming from states that were not so aerospace friendly.”

Bill Lewandowski, Vice President of Supplier

Management, Aerospace Industries Association

“The talent pool in Southern Arizona is excellent. But that isn’t only the case in Tucson. We draw a lot out of Phoenix. We haven’t had any problem at all hiring really good people locally.”

Charles Edmondson, Executive Vice-President,

Universal Avionics Systems Corp

“The Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME) Department at the University of Arizona has special strength in the area of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. This expertise includes a combination of theory, computational and experimental capabilities that are difficult to find at a single location. Cutting-edge research is being done here in areas of drag reduction, laminar flow technology and active flow control. The department is also strong in thermal systems, reliability engineering, solid mechanics (including composite materials) and multi-body dynamics.”

John J. McGrath, PhD, Head and Professor,

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department,

University of Arizona

Arizona’s educational assets also include Arizona State University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and one of the nation’s largest, most respected community college systems.



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