The Valencia region of Spain stands out from other dynamic and productive areas within Europe’s Mediterranean Arc. One of its most favourable aspects is its enviable geographic situation, with transport networks that encompass air, land and sea and offer rapid connections to the rest of Spain and Europe. In addition, the region boasts a growing and prosperous economy and a standard of living that is hard to beat.

Today, the Valencia region has its sights set on a growing number of initiatives and has already gained a great deal of international recognition.


The fact that is was recently chosen to host several major international sporting events, including the 32nd and 33rd America’s Cup competitions, the Volvo Ocean Race and the European Formula One Grand Prix, serves as clear proof of its booming success.

Valencian Community Investments (VCI) is the Valencia Regional Government Agency for investment attraction. VCI aims to attract, facilitate, motivate, channel, strengthen and consolidate both national and foreign investment within the Valencia region.


Opportunities are present within three strategic sectors. The logistics sector, where the ports in the region rank as leaders in Spain and the Mediterranean. The tourism industry and ‘second home’ market find that the Valencia region not only offers guaranteed good weather, but is also one of the most complete ‘offers’ in the Mediterranean.

The high added value product sector is brimming with innovation and the use of the latest technology. The audiovisual production field is booming, with the Ciudad de la Luz film studios now established as a worldwide reference due to the prestigious recent productions filmed there.


More than 2200 researchers in the health sciences and technology sector are developing projects at 160 research units in the province of Valencia alone. Some 5529 graduates with degrees in health-related studies from seven intermediate and 15 superior course programmes have been incorporated into the workforce. With eight universities in the region, Valencia is at the forefront of fields such as biomedical engineering, physical medicine and information and communications technology applied to the health sector.



The Public Administration in the Valencia region fully supports the research organisations. Many of them are noteworthy for their research projects and general lines of investigation as well as for their internationally recognised researchers.

Special mention must be made of mixed public-private institutes; for example, the Biomedicine Institute and the Agrochemistry and Food Technology Institute, which are jointly managed with the Superior Centre for Scientific Research.

The Príncipe Felipe Research Centre, the Mediterranean Ophthalmological Foundation, the Valencia Infertility Institute and Valencia Oncology Institute also deserve mention, as well as the Gecobio Knowledge Network Initiative in the health sciences sector, promoted by Valencia City Council. In addition, Valencia is to be the home for the Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructure for Physical Medicine Research.


Various private companies, both Valencia-based and international firms, are developing their activity in the region. Recently a private association, BIOVAL, has been created as result of the increasing activity of this sector.

The role of “incubators of entrepreneurs” played by the main universities in Valencia favour the creation of ‘spin-offs’, and what once were small initiatives have grown into multinational ones today.

Attracting foreign investment means securing wealth; technological exchange; economic flexibility; and a greater capacity to adapt in an ever-changing world. Today, our land is the product, and new strategies are required to market our land as the very best product available.

Exporting products to show that we are competitive is simply not enough. In this new market, we have to take it one step further and export the region itself in order to boost its value among investors.


Therefore, we are proud to say that as well being the perfect place to invest, the Valencia region is also a wonderful place to live. These two inextricably intertwined aspects ensure that this charming and industrious region is the ideal place for investments.