Among the most significant deals was for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Bear Head in August 2004, in which Anadarko Petroleum Corp announced the purchase of Access Northeast Energy, and its commitment to develop and invest in a $450m LNG project. That project is expected to create about 1100 construction jobs in the Strait area in the next three years. Tandus Group, a Georgia-based, commercial floor-covering manufacturer, announced in the same month that it would add 150 jobs to its Crossley Carpets facility in Truro through a C$10.5m investment for the expansion of its plant. CGI Group announced in September that it would begin hiring 200 information technology professionals for its International Systems Development Centre in Halifax.

Nova Scotia is unique in that, with a population of less than one million, it is home to 11 universities and 13 community-college campuses.


Its airports, particularly Halifax International, offer links to all major Canadian cities, all major US cities via connecting hubs at Boston, Newark and Washington, DC, and to major European cities via London and Reykjavik. The highway system is well developed, with ground transportation to Chicago faster from Halifax than from New York City. The port of Halifax receives ships from more than 100 countries worldwide.In addition, the province offers beautiful scenery.



Halifax is growing significantly. It has grown by 5% since 1996 and the Conference Board of Canada predicts its population will reach 450,000 by the year 2020.

Of the population, 65% of residents are under 45 years old and more than one-quarter are under the age of 20. Greater Halifax boasts the best-educated workforce in Canada, with 63% of the working age population possessing a university degree or a non-university trades certificate or diploma – the highest level in Canada. There are unprecedented employment opportunities in Greater Halifax. The total number of jobs is forecast to increase by 9.2% over the next five years, with much of that increase coming from professional trades.

The city offers good access to 60 million people within a two-hour flight. Halifax is closer to the US city of Boston than it is to Montreal and closer to New York than to Toronto. Halifax International Airport handles about three million passengers a year.

The Port of Halifax operates as the closest Post-Panamax container port to Europe besides being the second-largest natural ice-free harbour in the world. It offers non-stop, double-stack rail service to the rest of North America.

Recently, Greater Halifax has been the host for several major commercial developments, including expansions and additions to facilities at the Halifax International Airport, new hotels, and renovations and expansions at a number of local manufacturing facilities. A number of non-commercial projects are under way with the construction of a new campus for the Nova Scotia Community College and upgrades and expansions of facilities at HMCS Stadacona. This and other construction activities led to C$321m of investment in non-residential projects in 2004, an increase of 29.4% over 2003.