Domestic supply chain resilience has been brought into sharp focus in recent years. At a time of renewed economic nationalism and pandemic-related disruption, securing timely and cost-effective raw materials and components has become one of the most serious challenges facing companies and governments alike. In many cases, local industries and jobs are beholden to external market shocks and geopolitical events. 

Nowhere is this more true than in microchips and minerals, which are critical to the technologies needed in the transition away from fossil fuels. In response to China's dominance across many of these supply chains, Western governments have outlined wide-ranging policies and support to reduce their reliance and protect national strategic assets.


The UK is among those aiming to boost resilience of domestic supply chains. In July 2022, the UK government published it’s long-awaited critical mineral strategy and has extended support to several strategic projects. While businesses, trade groups and observers welcome these efforts, they say much more needs to be done. 

The following interactive multimedia story explores the UK’s efforts in depth, taking you on a trip to investment projects around country. Click Enter below to read the piece.

Dreams of resilience
Government efforts to develop UK resilient supply chain is met with scepticism