FDI into Tunisia continues to suffer a steady decline, with greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets tracking 31 projects into the country in 2012, down from 40 in 2011. Project numbers have been falling consistently in the longer term too, with 48 projects recorded in 2010, 52 in 2009 and 57 in 2008.

Capital investment and job creation have suffered a similar decline. Tunisia’s inward capital expenditure of $92.51m in 2008 decreased to $27.41m by 2012, representing a 70% drop, and job creation suffered a 47% decrease over the same period.


With the first quarter of 2013 recording only three inward investment projects, the downward trend is set to continue this year. This decrease coincides with a reduction in outward FDI from France, the largest source country for Tunisia FDI between 2008 and 2012. French FDI fell from 1105 tracked projects in 2008 to 714 in 2012, a 35% drop.