The Pride of Turkey was set up to invest in Turkey, and generate a successful investment model there from which to invest in other southern Mediterranean countries. The Pride of Turkey is eager to prove that there can be an investment model that benefits everyone; in this case rewarding Turkish innovation and diligence while maximising profits for forward-thinking, progressive-minded investors who can see the potential in Turkey.

Although its parent company is involved in partnering small and medium-sized enterprises in the emerging high-tech industry, the Pride of Turkey deals specifically in real estate, both commercial and residential. Its commercial projects range from office space to industrial terrains; its residential projects include off-plan and ready-made holiday villas and apartments.


Through its extensive network of partners covering three-quarters of Turkey, the Pride of Turkey offers a one-stop shop for those wishing to invest in Turkish property or buy for pleasure. It is also Britain’s biggest reseller of traditional Turkish properties.

The Pride of Turkey’s sphere of activity covers advising clients wishing to commission building projects, supplying the necessary tradesmen and building materials, and once the project is completed selling or managing the finished article. It also has in-house projects that can be purchased off-plan or after completion.

Residential properties are sold at property fairs, such as the Manchester Property Show and the London Excel event. For customers who wish to take part in the property boom without getting involved in the build-and-sell cycle, the Pride of Turkey developed the Chagatai Investment fund, the most tax efficient way to invest.

Pride of Turkey started in business in 2004 and opened its Manchester office in 2006 to specifically target the British market.

Its property range includes:

  • detached luxury golf villas in Belek
  • three-bed apartments in Kusadasi from £50,000
  • prime real estate land with permission to build, from £60pm2
  • two-to-four-bedroom flats in Bodrum
  • commercial land in Itzmir, Ankara and Istanbul near expanding technology parks
  • three-bed villas in the Long Beach area from £78,000
  • four-storey luxury detached villas, with six bathrooms, five-bedrooms and office space from £750,000



The Pride of Turkey

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