Currently they are among the world’s least likely to make the most of the opportunities arising from China’s economic growth and they trail substantially behind several south-east Asian countries, Australia and the US, according to the survey.

The survey canvassed more than 7000 owners of medium-sized businesses from 30 countries and, for the first time, included businesses from mainland China.


It asked respondents whether they perceived mainland China’s economic development as an opportunity or threat to their business.

The survey found that 52% of Hong Kong companies, 51% Taiwanese companies, 37% of Philippines companies, 35% of Thai companies and 34% of US companies regarded the Chinese market as providing significant opportunities.

By comparison, in the UK 11% of companies saw China as an opportunity – on par with the EU’s result of 10%.

A high percentage of companies in the Philippines, Taiwan and Mexico regarded China’s economic boom as a significant threat to their business. In the UK, the figure was 18%.