Following a 31% growth in project numbers, the UK was the most popular global location for North American FDI in 2011. It was the only country that recorded more than 400 North American FDI projects in the year, with the second most popular country China recording 397 projects. This marks a change from 2010, when China was the most popular location for North American FDI, recording 29 more projects than the UK.

The list of countries invested in by North American countries was relatively wide-reaching, with Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific all represented in the top 10 destinations.


Given its position as one of the world's fastest growing developing economies, it is unsurprising that Brazil witnessed a significant increase in the number of North American companies investing in the country. The 42% increase in project numbers made Brazil the most popular South American destination for North American FDI, and the fifth most popular globally.

Despite Mexico’s advantageous geographic location to the US and Canada, it only ranked as the 10th most popular location, behind Singapore, which ranked ninth despite recording a 1% decrease in North American FDI.

Overall, outward investment from North America increased by 14% in 2011 compared to 2010.