According to data available on greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, between January 2012 and April 2012, 28 pharmaceutical FDI projects were recorded in Europe. Of these, 15 were expansion projects, 12 were new and one was a co-location. With six projects, the UK accounted for the largest proportion of these projects. Investments in the UK included one by US-based AmerisourceBergen, which announced an expansion of its facility in Treforest, Wales, and another by Japan-based Eisai, which intends to expand its UK headquarters in the English town of Hatfield.  

France and Ireland both recorded five projects in the pharmaceutical sector in 2011. Projects in France included expansions by two US-based companies, Merck & Co and Bausch & Lomb, while investments into Ireland also included expansions by two US companies, Mylan and Abbott Laboratories. Ireland recorded higher capital expenditure than France, with $962m recorded, compared to France's $124m. Ireland also recorded a much larger number of new jobs, with 877 jobs created through FDI, 94% of the total jobs created in Europe by FDI into the pharmaceutical sector.