According to data available on greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, the US retained its position as the top destination for European FDI, with 939 projects recorded in 2011. This represented a 10% increase compared to 2010, and was more than twice the number of projects recorded in China, the second most popular destination for European FDI in the period. 

Latin America is also experiencing increased popularity among European investors, with Mexico and Brazil both enjoying an increase in the number of FDI projects coming the continent, with recorded FDI into Brazil increasing by almost 45%. Some notable investors into Brazil in 2011 included Germany-based tyre manufacturer Continental, Italian steel tube manufacturer Techint and French energy company Alstom.


Countries in Asia-Pacific experienced mixed fortunes, with FDI into India growing by 21%, with Volvo, Nestlé and Airbus all announcing significant investments in the country. Meanwhile, investment into China remained consistent with 2010 figures and investment into Australia decreased by 17%.