The US and Germany have taken the top two spots in an fDi survey to determine the leading locations for solar panel manufacturing, while the US is joined by India as the top locations for wind turbine manufacturing. The rankings are based on both cost and quality factors.

In solar panel manufacturing, the US took the top place when comparing a combination of cost versus quality. When looking at quality alone, Germany comes out as the strongest location. China and Spain were also among the top countries for solar panel manufacturing, but when costs were considered Spain dropped four places down the rankings to number eight.


The rankings were compiled using fDi Benchmark, an online subscription database which benchmarks cost and quality competitiveness for investment locations. Its sister product, fDi Markets, which tracks crossborder greenfield investments, recorded 1815 investment projects in alternative/renewable energy between 2003 and June 2010.

Destination US

When it comes to track records in alternative/renewable energy, the US is also the leading destination in recent years with 149 investments. While Germany did not receive the highest number of inward FDI projects in any of the years recorded, it is the leading source country for outward FDI in the alternative/renewable energy sector with 229 investments. This is further evidence of Germany's strong industrial cluster in the renewable sector.

The region receiving the most investment projects is Andalucía in Spain, although in 2010 Scotland in the UK has received the most investments. Taking a significant fall was Bassin Parisien in France, which received the highest number of projects in 2007 with 10, but as of October 2010 had not received any.

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