There are all sorts of interesting things going on across Europe that are making transport look the epitome of cool, and there’s nothing more glamorous than a journey on a European high-speed train!

The EU has many technology platforms focused on transport. They cover: aeronautics research; rail research; road transport; the maritime industry; space technology; advanced engineering materials and technologies; and hydrogen and fuel cells. Key themes being addressed in EU transport innovation include the greening of transport; co-modality and decongesting transport corridors; urban mobility; safety and security; advanced satellite navigation systems; and improving competitiveness of transport products and services.


Across southern Sweden there is genius going into the development of intelligent vehicle safety systems and hybrid vehicle technologies. In Toulouse, France, the aerospace cluster is turning science fiction into science fact. England’s East Midlands region is awash with clever people rewriting the performance of Formula 1 cars, rail transportation and low-carbon and fuel-cell technologies. In Graz, Austria, they are turning mobility research into an art form.

Some of Europe’s governments want to spend their way out of the downturn, and if we are going to go hardcore Keynesian, let’s start on transport. This can have multiple benefits. Besides creating new jobs and safeguarding existing ones, many of the technology advancements are giving us cleaner, greener solutions, and we will achieve better infrastructure and services delivery – in turn, helping to keep Europe competitive. So dig deep, and let’s get spending on our talent in the transport business.

Douglas Clark is director of Tenon techlocate, a site search and location marketing consultancy, which is part of the Tenon Group plc, a top 10 firm of accountants and business advisers.