Well good riddance to 2011 and hello to 2012! As the dramatic New Year fireworks in London synced beautifully with the stirring mash-up soundtrack provided by DJ Nihal, we knew we were in for a good year. We have now entered the Chinese year of the dragon – a symbol of good fortune and intense power – and 2012 is also special because it is a leap year. So let’s put in lots of effort and make it a dynamic year for FDI.  

As Europe continues to struggle with its eurozone woes, we should look to positive things ahead, such as the fact that Europe is going to be at the centre of the world stage during the summer of 2012. Sport is the catalyst bringing the continent into the spotlight, delivering great opportunities for trade and investment gains.


First, there is the Euro 2012 football tournament in June and July, which will take place across Poland and Ukraine. This is a showcasing opportunity for two big European countries: Poland, which is already an FDI leader and a country that has fared well throughout the recession, and Ukraine, which offers huge potential but needs to improve its FDI game. Both countries deserve the world’s attention.        

And then in July, August and September London will host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. London is a global gateway for business and a leading FDI performer (it has been a boringly consistent winner of fDi Magazine’s European Cities of the Future rankings). As well as watching the accomplishments of athletes from more than 200 countries, the games are an opportunity for the world to meet up and do business. fDi Magazine is based in London, and we warmly welcome all the trade and investment executives coming to the games. It will be a great opportunity for networking and sharing knowledge, and we want you to get in touch with us to ensure we all make the most of 2012.    

Douglas Clark is director of Location Connections, a site selection and FDI consultancy: douglas@locationconnections.com