“Yet again London has retained its prestigious crown as top city of the future – and rightly so. The capital is bucking the downturn, investing huge sums to improve its infrastructure, but it is London’s many other great strengths – from its unique diversity to its high quality of life – that keeps it ahead of the game. Now, as we emerge from the recession, these qualities are what will drive it forward to an incredibly bright and prosperous future.”


- Boris Johnson, mayor of London



“The city of Antwerp has a clear and resounding mission: to become the most attractive place to live, work and visit. The city therefore favours a policy of sustainable urban development aimed at integrating living, working and relaxing within an organic whole that offers a high quality of life. The fDi Magazine award is, for us, a significant sign that we are on the right track and proof that Antwerp has what it takes to be your prime business destination.”

– Patrick Janssens, mayor of Antwerp.



“Brno is a city where I live and which I love. But it is also a city where I can influence the present and, to some extent, the future. We endeavour to make it a modern, dynamic, accessible and safe city. We want it to become a synonym for a central European centre of science, research and innovation. We want it to be a city of the future. Success in the fDi Magazine competition gives me a real pleasure. It documents that our work for Brno makes sense.”

– Roman Onderka, mayor of Brno.



“To be named European Small City of the Future for a second, successive time is a fantastic accolade and confirms what we all know: Edinburgh is a great place to live, work, invest and visit. “I am also delighted that we have topped the rankings for Economic Potential against European cities both large and small.

This bears testament to the ambitions we have for the city’s future development and to the work the council is doing with a wide range of partners to nurture an enterprising and business-friendly environment.”

– Councillor Tom Buchanan, convenor of the Economic Development Committee, City of Edinburgh Council.




“Flanders is very honoured to be ranked as the best location for FDI Strategy in the European Regions of the Future 2010/11 competition by fDi Magazine.

It is the ambition of Flanders to continually strengthen the economic fibre of our region. People, know-how and connectivity are three location factors that make the difference.

The combination of a strongly focused research and innovation programme, a highly educated and productive workforce with a fluency in languages, and a highly developed transport and communication infrastructure ensure sustainable growth. Flanders has always proved to be a region that shows new, ingenious ways of dealing with the specific needs of foreign investors.”

– Kris Peeters, minister president of Flanders.




“As one of the largest ports of the world, Hamburg is no unspoilt paradise. But we always want to show that economic development and environmental protection go together well. We accept the environmental challenges of the 21st century and respond to them with dedicated action. The good rating in the European Cities and Regions of the Future ranking encourages us to pursue this path further. The phenomenon of climate change may be global, but our solutions need to be always practice-­oriented and locally rooted.”

– Ole von Beust, first mayor of Hamburg.




“I feel proud of the Lviv region having been recognised as one of the most prospective locations for FDI in eastern Europe. We are confident that Lviv region deserves recognition for its great potential for inward investment due to its strategic location as the gateway to the huge eastern European market in close proximity to the EU borders, a highly skilled and motivated workforce, and tourism prospects.

“Despite the global financial crisis, we managed to maintain our region’s competitive position and enhance its FDI attractiveness.”

– Mykola Kmit, head of Lviv Regional State Administration.




“Thanks to its constant evolution, the metropolis of Marseille has been one of the major capitals of southern Europe for 10 years. What stands behind the success story of this city? Its commitment in the birth of the Mediterranean Union, the economic development attracting famous architects to the business area known as ‘Euromediterranée’ and also its demographic dynamism all stand as an answer.

This ranking makes us really proud; it is a reward for the city’s long-term investment in the domains of employment and education.

“We want Marseille to be internationally famous and in order to achieve this objective we are increasing our attractiveness and our environment for a better life in the city.”

– Jean-Claude Gaudin, mayor of Marseille.




“Odessa is a fast-growing city. Enhancing investment processes is one of the top-priority areas. We understand that it will influence the city’s image worldwide.

In 2009 the FDI inflow in Odessa increased by 15% in comparison to 2008. This happened in spite of the global financial crisis.

Last year foreign direct investment came from 67 countries. We hope that the year 2010 will bring even better rates as we are most active in developing those branches of economy which are of interest to the foreign investor.”

-Eduard Hurvits, Mayor




“We are honoured to be on top of the list of such a serious rating that is based on the most significant categories and criteria of a city’s competitiveness and attractiveness for FDI. These results have been achieved thanks to the professional efforts and special programme of the government of Moscow to tackle the outcomes of the economic recession.

“We believe that Moscow will keep its leading position as an attractive FDI destination in fDi Magazine’s ratings and even increase the volume of FDI, especially with the new policy of developing the external economic relations of Moscow, which will be in force later this year.”

– Georgy Muradov, director of the Department of External Economic and International Relations of Moscow.



Paris Region

“Paris Region ranks as number one in the fDi Top 10 Regions of the Future 2010/11 in Western Europe and this is not only because it is romantic! Paris Region’s economy is open to the world, diversified, competitive and innovative and this is a magnet for talent.

It is situated in the heart of Europe with excellent communication links across the eurozone and with a striking mobile workforce on our doorstep. Moreover, Paris Region is the only region in Europe which excels in both fundamental and applied research: another good reason why it is the top Region of the Future in Western Europe.”

Paul Huchon, president of the Paris Region Regional Council.



“This advancement in the ranking was a fair response to the recent efforts and enforced reforms of the government of Tbilisi. When you touch the success, you understand that all obstacles that the city has gone through were worth overcoming.

“In recent years, we have carried out numerous initiatives that contributed to fostering business development. This became a cornerstone for further attempts by the city in this direction.”

Giorgi Ugulava, mayor of Tbilisi.