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Finland's financial services sector witnesses FDI decline

FDI into Finland's financial services sector has declined substantially since a peak in capital expenditure in 2006.

FDI in Mexico down by nearly one-third

Investment in Mexico is down in the first six months of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011.

Spain takes larger share of global FDI in 2012

FDI into Spain accounted for less than 1% of all projects globally in the first five months of 2011, but an uptick in investment has seen this proportion increase in 2012.

UK top European destination for pharmaceutical investments in 2012

Six pharmaceutical FDI projects have been recorded in the UK in the  first quarter of 2012, making it the most popular destination in Europe  for such investments.

FDI into Ireland, Greece and Portugal before and after the EU bailout

Ireland, Portugal and Greece have had varying levels of success in attracting FDI since their EU bailouts.

US remains top destination for European FDI

With a 10% increase in project numbers in 2011, and more than twice  as many projects as China, the second most popular destination, the US  has retained its position as the leading destination for European FDI.

Asia-Pacific outperforms Latam for automotive OEM FDI

FDI into the Asia-Pacific automotive OEM and automotive components sectors far outweighs investment into the Latin American automotive industry, with nearly three times as many projects.

From Locations

Bucharest leading destination for eurozone investments into financial sector

Bucharest was the top destination for eurozone FDI into the financial  services sector in 2011, with Italian and Australian banks such as UniCredit and Raiffeisen Zentral Bank expanding their presence in the city significantly.

China defies downward coal, oil and natural gas sector capital expenditure trend

As the coal, oil and natural gas sector struggles for capital investment around the world, China has recorded a 100% increase for 2011.

Bucharest top financial services destination for eurozone investors

Eurozone investors in the financial services sector have favoured  investment in the Romanian capital Bucharest over the past eight years,  but Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai are increasing their  appeal.

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