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Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from the Americas: How the past informs the future

A flurry of analyst reports illuminate the downward trend in FDI in 2018, writes Gregg Wassmansdorf.

Gregg Wassmansdorf

Time to match FDI with UN sustainability goals

Business leaders must grasp the nettle and align their goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and quickly, says Gregg Wassmansdorf.

Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from the Americas: Colombia’s challenging next steps

Colombia's president Iván Duque must ensure its economic prosperity while dealing with Venezuelan migrants and negotiating with Farc.  

Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from the Americas: don’t shed a tear for the US

The US is thriving economically, yet this doesn't seem enough for some.

Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from the Americas: US self-inflicted turbulence can't shake economy off course

Despite a strong economy, the US has announced tariffs on aluminium imports from Canada, Mexico and the EU, to the consternation of these countries and the bemusement of observers. Gregg Wassmansdorf ponders the consequences.

Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from the Americas: Brazil’s long road to fulfilling its potential

Government corruption has hit Brazil hard, causing political instability and a plummeting currency. While still Latin America’s largest economy, the country has an uphill climb to restore investor confidence, writes Gregg Wassmansdorf.

Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from the Americas: too early to tell on Trump's tax revolution

Recent changes to the US tax system are so drastic that it will be some time before their effect on FDI can be perceived, writes Gregg Wassmansdorf.

Gregg Wassmansdorf

View from Americas: Mexican FDI faces perfect storm

Political change, the ongoing uncertainty over US trade and falling commodity prices may well cloud Mexico’s immediate investment climate, leaving the outlook for FDI unclear well into 2018, writes Gregg Wassmansdorf. 

View from the Americas: Canada's elephant next door

Canada has a good track record of attracting FDI – but this could change if its US neighbour carries out protectionist threats, says Gregg Wassmansdorf.

View from America: Ambition versus anxiety

The mood at the SelectUSA Investment Summit was a peculiar mix of aspiration and concern, writes Gregg Wassmansdorf.

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