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The Panama Canal reopens, but are US east coast ports ready?

Major US ports can’t handle “new-Panamax” ships, and will lose out on an increased market share of Asia-US trade flows. 

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Investors regroup as Brexit challenge looms

A period of uncertainty awaits businesses as the UK votes to leave the European Union following the June 23 referendum.

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Will Jaguar Land Rover deal lead Slovakia into a golden age of FDI?

With a $1.45bn investment from Jaguar Land Rover for a new facility in the pipeline and the EU presidency in its sights, Slovakia is keen to promote its FDI appeal, both within and beyond the automotive sector. Jacopo Dettoni reports.

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Central Asia and the Caucasus ponder life after oil

Authorities across the central Asia and Caucasus region are hoping a combination of reforms, privatisation and infrastructure investment will protect them against the downturn in the oil and gas markets. 

AIIB president Jin Liqun
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The AIIB takes its first steps around Asia

Under the leadership of president Jin Liqun, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has revealed its development agenda – and put itself in the global spotlight regarding governance and working methods.

Jin Wei
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ADB economist says growing India still lags behind China

India's economic growth looks set to continue into the foreseeable future, while China's slowdown shows little sign of abating, Asian Development Bank chief economist Jin Wei tells Jacopo Dettoni. However, when it comes to economy size and openness to investment, China is still out in front.

Brexit FDI gamble
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Foreign investors hold their breath ahead of Brexit referendum

On June 23, the UK will vote on whether its future lies inside or outside the EU. One way or the other, the outcome will set the direction of the country’s future trade strategy and business proposition for its foreign investors. 

Luis Guillermo Solis

Costa Rican president welcomes Panama Canal expansion

The expansion of neighbouring Panama's canal will boost business in Costa Rica and shore up the development of the Caribbean basin as an integrated trade hub, Costa Rica president Luis Guillermo Solís tells Jacopo Dettoni.


Bolivia: open for business

Finance minister Luis Arce, the man behind President Evo Morales’s deep reforms of the Bolivian economy, tells Jacopo Dettoni his country remains the fastest-growing in Latin America despite weakening commodity markets and is now looking for private partners to better develop its vast natural resources.

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Chile: Pushing for productivity

Chile’s finance minister Rodrigo Valdés tells Jacopo Dettoni about the reform-minded government’s efforts to strengthen the economy as weakening copper prices take a toll on the country’s mining sector.

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