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Zhuhai bridge

Zhuhai hopes bridge building with Hong Kong and Macau will pay off

The Chinese city of Zhuhai will soon be joined to popular investment destinations Hong Kong and Macau via a long-awaited bridge connection. Jacopo Dettoni looks at what this could mean for the city, and the Pearl River Delta region as a whole.

Qatar crisis forces investors to rethink Gulf risk

The ongoing crisis surrounding Qatar, in which a group of countries led by Saudi Arabia are enforcing a blockade, is a worrying development for investors in the Gulf. Jacopo Dettoni looks at the options available to them.

From Locations

Turkey’s terror crackdown unnerves foreign investors

A blacklist of German companies allegedly linked to the Gülen movement and the PKK has caused a new diplomatic spat between Ankara and Berlin, even pushing the German foreign minister to publicly question the state of Turkish rule of law. But the economy keeps growing fast, and foreign investment has recovered from the slump in 2016. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

GST India
From Locations

Confederation of Indian Industry president expects to see GST bonus

India's Goods and Services Tax was rolled out on July 1. Jacopo Dettoni speaks to Shobana Kamineni, the president of the Confederation of Indian Industry, about what this will mean for foreign investors, and why she expects the tax to add one percentage point to the country's economic growth.

a canal to nowhere

After the canal to nowhere, is Nicaragua on the road to prosperity?

Nicaragua’s government is betting on finally building a link to the eastern part of the country to shore up investment and growth and potentially put behind it the troubled interoceanic canal project. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

taking on trump

Nuevo León governor takes Nafta battle to Trump

Jaime Rodríguez, the governor of Mexico’s northern industrial heartland of Nuevo León, tells Jacopo Dettoni about how his cabinet is trying to attract Asian investors to offset the consequences of any review of Nafta.

a BIT of a

Will new BIT model dent India's FDI attractiveness?

India has discontinued most of its existing bilateral investment treaties and wants to pursue a new model offering less protection to foreign investors and reasserting the supremacy of Indian courts over international arbitration courts. Jacopo Dettoni and Timothy Conley look at the impact this might have on the country's FDI appeal.  

setting the sustainable

Yokohama sets the sustainable standard across Asia

The Japanese city of Yokohama experienced a population boom after the Second World War that meant it had to take an innovative and collaborative approach to sustainable urban development. It is now exporting this know-how to the rest of Asia, as Jacopo Dettoni reports.

el salvador urges

El Salvador urges investors to think again

As president Salvador Sánchez Cerén tackles El Salvador's twin threats of crime and financial distress, the government is rebranding the country in an effort to improve investor perceptions. Jacopo Dettoni looks at how this policy is faring.

a different fight

San Salvador mayor looks to fight violence with opportunities

Nayib Bukele, the mayor of San Salvador, talks to Jacopo Dettoni about how he is fighting the city's criminal gangs and high violence levels by providing opportunities for its youngsters.

Global greenfield investment trends

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