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China’s overseas investment slows as restrictions take hold

China’s capital outflows have fallen from the peaks of 2016 as Beijing increases its efforts to limit capital flight. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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Italy stirs HNWI interest with new non-dom regime

The Italian parliament has approved new incentives to lure rich taxpayers into moving their fiscal residency in the country. With the UK revising its non-dom rules amid the uncertainties of Brexit, Italian law firms report growing interest from possible applicants. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

a logistical
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Plaza Logistica raises the bar in Argentinean logistics market

Argentinean logistics park developer Plaza Logistica has plans to add four properties to its existing three in Buenos Aires. Jacopo Dettoni speaks to CEO Eduardo Bastitta about why the company is feeling more comfortable about expanding in Mauricio Macri's Argentina. 

Boeing bounces
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How Boeing bounced back in Latin America

Despite the woes of Latin America’s major economies, aerospace heavyweight Boeing believes the region still holds significant potential as a commercial and defence aviation market. Donna Hrinak, president of Boeing Latin America, talks to Jacopo Dettoni about the company’s long-term Latin American commitment. 

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Latin America’s great green revolution

Renewable energy has found favour in Latin America in recent years, as governments look to diversify their energy matrices and lessen their exposure to fluctuating hydrocarbon prices. Jacopo Dettoni looks at the innovative green projects and policies that are bringing investors to the region.

myanmar's fdi

Myanmar's FDI boom put on hold

Myanmar's new government, led by de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, is pushing through a number of long-awaited reforms and has welcomed the end of US trade sanctions. Observers are confident these are steps in the right direction, although they create room for uncertainty in the short term. Jacopo Dettoni reports.

the modi

The Modi modernisation: how India has entered the FDI elite

The reforms implemented by prime minister Narendra Modi have seen India go a long way towards reaching its rich FDI potential. And while there is still progress to make, particularly when it comes to the ease of doing business, Jacopo Dettoni reports on a country awash with optimism.

making india

Invest India head looks to make India work

The head of Invest India, Deepak Bagla, talks to Jacopo Dettoni about how the country’s push to become a global manufacturing hub is gathering momentum, aided by prime minister Narendra Modi's decisive and pro-investment leadership.

westfield's milan
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Westfield looks to Milan for mainland Europe debut

Shopping centre developer Westfield has been working with the Italian government’s taskforce to push ahead with its first project in mainland Europe. COO Peter Miller tells Jacopo Dettoni why Milan is the right place to drive a brownfield regeneration project that could bring with it thousands of jobs. 

an imf sos

Will IMF intervention help save Mongolia from Dutch disease?

Mongolia’s over-reliance on natural resources has put a strain on its economy, and a deal with the IMF offers the best hope of easing the country’s budgetary pressures. Jacopo Dettoni reports.

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